Making an Arch

It’s hard for me to describe my preferred interior design style. I think it’s a mix of Mid Century boho meets old world Spanish cottage. That being said, I have always loved archways in architecture. As soon as it became popular to convert regular openings into archways, I knew I wanted to do this inContinue reading “Making an Arch”

Primary Bedroom Makeover Pt. 2

Let’s talk closets. After all this closet makeover was my favorite winter project of 2021, and it definitely deserves its own blog post. (P.S. Primary Bedroom Makeover Pt. 1 is just as exciting, here.) I’ve shared many times that I’m not the most organized person, but the start of a new year is a goodContinue reading “Primary Bedroom Makeover Pt. 2”

Primary Bedroom Makeover Pt. 1

This weekend, I finally finished the last piece on a year long bedroom makeover project. The final 5% if you will. When I started working on projects in our primary bedroom, I didn’t intend on it being a complete makeover. Once one area is upgraded it becomes really easy to want to change the rest.Continue reading “Primary Bedroom Makeover Pt. 1”

Organizational DIYs

Clutter. We all have it. It’s pesky and in the way, and often makes us feel like we’re way less put together than we often are. I have my own thoughts about messes, and how society feels about messes which you can read more about here. Nevertheless, it is helpful to have a few organizationalContinue reading “Organizational DIYs”

Nightstand Builds

Changing out generic store bought furniture pieces for handmade pieces is one of my favorite ways to add personality to my home. It not only shows your style & personality, but your care & attention for the details in your space. Last fall, I started transforming our primary bedroom with some new paint, a woodContinue reading “Nightstand Builds”

Small Scale DIYs

You might have noticed that recently I’ve taken a step back from large or whole room projects. While there’s a part of me that always needs to be creating, and always has ideas flowing, there’s also a part of me that knew I needed a break. The big builds are a blast, but they alsoContinue reading “Small Scale DIYs”

The final 5%

DIYers are notably bad at finishing projects. There are many jokes about the 95% club (meaning a project is only finished to 95% completion). Little tedious details that might be worth it but might not be seen to an audience are frequently left out. But why leave a project incomplete?  I think the biggest reasonContinue reading “The final 5%”

Going Back to the Basics

When you share your DIY’s publicly, people are always wondering what you’re going to make next. There’s a pressure to be perfect, and a pressure to continue to make more and more complex & large builds. But what if we went back to what makes us love DIY in the first place? The heart behindContinue reading “Going Back to the Basics”

My First Furniture Flip

Furniture flips are beloved by DIYer’s everywhere. Why? Because you get to see a complete transformation. You take usually a very cheap piece of furniture and breathe new life into it. These projects are generally more accessible & less complex than building something by yourself. Generally being the key word there. I of course decidedContinue reading “My First Furniture Flip”

My First Haven Conference

This past week, I attended my first Haven Conference. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s a conference for DIYers, bloggers, designers, & influencers to come together, learn & grow, and be inspired. I first found out about it through Instagram. Popular DIYers & bloggers have attended over the years & shared their incredibleContinue reading “My First Haven Conference”