About Me

Get to know me.

Hi friends! I am so happy that you’re here! I’m Rachel, a power tool enthusiast, custom builder, DIYer, & content creator. I live in Indiana with my husband Dylan and our sweet pup Hoss. My background is in Spanish education, but I have always loved creating. I really think I’m at my best when I have a project I’m creating. I think that creativity is not just about making, but a calling from our Creator God to see the world through a unique lens and have new perspective.

I also believe that creating is all about bringing people together & bridge building. I love to teach new techniques & power tool tips, but I also love to learn from my peers. We all approach creating differently & that’s what makes the maker community beautiful.

I really got into using power tools 4 years ago when we bought our first house. Most of my first projects involved creating more storage or some sort of practical solution. With each project, I research new techniques, tools, or materials to use. I love trying new things! Thanks for following my creative journey!

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