Building From the Ground Up

Building from the ground up. Something near & dear to my heart. What do I mean by “from the ground up”? It’s not a furniture flip or building on to an existing piece. We’re talking about taking raw building materials & making something beautiful with them. I’ve talked a little bit about building this wayContinue reading “Building From the Ground Up”

Giant Canvas Mural

My garage workshop has quickly become one of my favorite spaces! When I decided to build a workbench, it automatically added some more personality to the space, but the unfinished walls still made it feel dark. Since I look at this wall every single day, I wanted something bright & colorful…a giant mural. Since ourContinue reading “Giant Canvas Mural”

Tips for Using Power Tools

Let’s talk power tools. Fun. Empowering. Strong. Scary. Heavy. Expensive. These may all be words that you’ve heard to describe power tools, and I have to tell you, they aren’t wrong. Power tools make quick work of DIY & woodworking tasks, but they can sometimes get a bad rap because they can be dangerous withoutContinue reading “Tips for Using Power Tools”

Spring One Room Challenge: Week 8

We did it!! This is the final week for the One Room Challenge hosted by Better Homes & Gardens this season. It’s been an amazing journey, not just for my room, but for everyone’s and for all the friendships made through this challenge. It’s been an incredible season of encouragement, and I’m so thankful forContinue reading “Spring One Room Challenge: Week 8”

Spring 2021 One Room Challenge: Week 7

We’re really getting close to the end of the One Room Challenge sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens. I’ve seen people do so many beautiful transformations, from DIY painted wall paper, to beams, to countertop makeovers. Everyone is doing an amazing job, and you’ll definitely want to check it out on the One Room ChallengeContinue reading “Spring 2021 One Room Challenge: Week 7”

Spring 2021 One Room Challenge: Week 6

Friends it’s week 6 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Better Homes & Gardens! This is the week where spaces are starting to feel completely different and transformed. Eyes turn to remaining details, and if you’re like me, you feel a bit of panic at all that’s left to do. Week six was cabinetContinue reading “Spring 2021 One Room Challenge: Week 6”

Growing Pains & the Project that Took Off

I LOVE trying new things! Especially with building. As a generally positive person, I see a new technique and immediately think, “I could definitely do that!” but sometimes that gets me way in over my head… Arches and curved lines are very popular right now. I have seen so many DIY’s where people are tryingContinue reading “Growing Pains & the Project that Took Off”