Spring 2022 One Room Challenge: Finale

We did it! Another One Room Challenge down. To say I’m blown away by the room transformations I’ve seen in the maker community is an understatement. Go check it out for yourself at the One Room Challenge Blog. You all know that I’ve been working on my dining room. Let’s take it back to theContinue reading “Spring 2022 One Room Challenge: Finale”

All the Little Things

So what’s the deal with the little things? Trim pieces, light switches, caulking, hanging those pictures that have been in your spare room for months. They’re the least glamorous parts of a project. The stuff that nobody wants to do, but we all need to do. They make a home look polished and finished, andContinue reading “All the Little Things”

Primary Bedroom Makeover Pt. 1

This weekend, I finally finished the last piece on a year long bedroom makeover project. The final 5% if you will. When I started working on projects in our primary bedroom, I didn’t intend on it being a complete makeover. Once one area is upgraded it becomes really easy to want to change the rest.Continue reading “Primary Bedroom Makeover Pt. 1”

Small Scale DIYs

You might have noticed that recently I’ve taken a step back from large or whole room projects. While there’s a part of me that always needs to be creating, and always has ideas flowing, there’s also a part of me that knew I needed a break. The big builds are a blast, but they alsoContinue reading “Small Scale DIYs”

DIY Hanging Clay Planters

I’ve shared before that a lot of my DIY love & roots come from crafting growing up. My sisters & I would spend hours at our craft table in the basement making messes with various mediums. Our parents were a big part of our growing creativity. This week, I decided to go back to thoseContinue reading “DIY Hanging Clay Planters”

The final 5%

DIYers are notably bad at finishing projects. There are many jokes about the 95% club (meaning a project is only finished to 95% completion). Little tedious details that might be worth it but might not be seen to an audience are frequently left out. But why leave a project incomplete?  I think the biggest reasonContinue reading “The final 5%”

My First Furniture Flip

Furniture flips are beloved by DIYer’s everywhere. Why? Because you get to see a complete transformation. You take usually a very cheap piece of furniture and breathe new life into it. These projects are generally more accessible & less complex than building something by yourself. Generally being the key word there. I of course decidedContinue reading “My First Furniture Flip”

Spring One Room Challenge: Week 8

We did it!! This is the final week for the One Room Challenge hosted by Better Homes & Gardens this season. It’s been an amazing journey, not just for my room, but for everyone’s and for all the friendships made through this challenge. It’s been an incredible season of encouragement, and I’m so thankful forContinue reading “Spring One Room Challenge: Week 8”

Spring 2021 One Room Challenge: Week 7

We’re really getting close to the end of the One Room Challenge sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens. I’ve seen people do so many beautiful transformations, from DIY painted wall paper, to beams, to countertop makeovers. Everyone is doing an amazing job, and you’ll definitely want to check it out on the One Room ChallengeContinue reading “Spring 2021 One Room Challenge: Week 7”

Spring 2021 One Room Challenge: Week 4

It’s so crazy to me that we’re already on week four of the One Room Challenge sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens! This room has come such a long way since week one from new floors to a new countertop! This week, I focused on something slightly easier: a new mudroom bench. I originally designedContinue reading “Spring 2021 One Room Challenge: Week 4”