Spring 2022 One Room Challenge: Week 2

It’s been a crazy start to the One Room Challenge already. I laughed because after doing a major renovation last spring, I told myself to pick an “easier” room this spring. And then I decided to rip down the ceiling. Many rooms in our home have these acoustic tile ceilings. I have always hated them.Continue reading “Spring 2022 One Room Challenge: Week 2”

Spring 2021 One Room Challenge: Week One

This week starts my very first One Room Challenge! What is the ORC you may ask? It’s not a challenge but rather a time for creators to come together, support one another, & celebrate our ideas! Better Homes & Gardens is the official sponsor of the ORC. There are 20 Featured Designers each year, andContinue reading “Spring 2021 One Room Challenge: Week One”

The First Time I Tackled an Entire Room

Most people who have moved know about having a “junk room”. You know, the room full of boxes with miscellaneous items that you may or may not need anymore, but you’re not ready to unpack them now…or ever. Well after about 9 months in our house, I got really sick of having a junk roomContinue reading “The First Time I Tackled an Entire Room”

Growing Pains & the Project that Took Off

I LOVE trying new things! Especially with building. As a generally positive person, I see a new technique and immediately think, “I could definitely do that!” but sometimes that gets me way in over my head… Arches and curved lines are very popular right now. I have seen so many DIY’s where people are tryingContinue reading “Growing Pains & the Project that Took Off”

Workbench & a Few Thoughts on Messes

If you’ve been following me on Instagram @bonitabyrachel, you know that I’ve been working on creating a better workspace for building. It takes time to build up that collection of power tools and find a home for all of them when they aren’t in use. I’m not naturally an organized person. I have been conditionedContinue reading “Workbench & a Few Thoughts on Messes”

Let’s start at the very beginning…

…a very good place to start. I’ve mentioned that most of my first DIY projects had to do with storage. Before I felt like I could take on any built-ins or larger scale projects, I needed to start with building some basic shelves. I feel like more shelving is something that every homeowner wants, butContinue reading “Let’s start at the very beginning…”

So who is Bonita by Rachel anyway?

Hi friends! I’m Rachel, an avid DIYer, woodworker & maker! I have always loved making things. You can ask my two sisters about all the times I went “craft crazy” growing up, and just spent my whole day at our craft table. I have to be a little crazy being the middle child though right?Continue reading “So who is Bonita by Rachel anyway?”